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5 Reasons to Include Write the Room Activities in the Classroom

5 Key Reasons Teachers
Should Include Write the Room
in Their Primary Classrooms

I just love when I find an activity that gets students up and out of their seats. This is especially important in primary grades. Write the Room is a perfect activity for this! We can bring it into so many subject areas and it gets our students engaged! Here are 5 reasons you should include: Write the Room in your classroom as well.

#1: Low Prep 

Write the Room is a very low prep activity for teachers. So many teacher creators on Teachers Pay Teachers have already done the work. TPT has so many versions and resources available. You will have an abundance to choose from.  

  I enjoy the packs that have each set separated and easy to track. In my Write the Room pack you will see that I have separated each set using a distinct character. This character is on every resource within that pack to help you stay organized! Most times, once you prep it that 1st time. You’ll just need copies to use it again next time!


#2: Independent Activity or Pair Activity 

There are many ways to use Write the Room. I personally love using it as a pair activity. I love seeing students working together right from a young age! Pair work allows students to share ideas and reasoning behind their thoughts and answers. They get to gain and learn strategies for working in teams or with another peer.

Using it as an individual activity also has benefits. Students can work on the activities during times where they finish an assignment early. They learn self-pacing and problem-solving strategies for when they do not have a teacher or friend to help. 

#3: Early Finisher Enhancement

Write the Room is a great resource to use when students finish early. When I use it in my classroom during my reading or writing block. I noticed some students were even finishing the Write the Room activity quickly. What do you do when your early finish “go to” is being finished early?! You add in the fun and enrichment activities!

When I develop my Write the Room activity sets, they each have different early finishers at the bottom of the page. Some have unscrambling activities. Others have fill-in-the-missing-letter activities. These enrichment activities get students thinking in a more advanced mindset! 



#4: Get Students Moving!

The littles need to move! Every teacher will agree with me when I say that. The last reason I love Write the Room activities is because the little get out of their seats and get to move around the room.

I like to include different movements as the students move around too. I may have them shuffle to the next word, skip to the next word, or maybe even hop like a bunny. Plus, while writing, the students are often standing and the blood is flowing! 


#5 Use it For Review

Since Write the Room activities are very simple to implement. Teachers often use them to review very easily and quickly. Like I said once in reason #1. When you prep it one time, you will most likely just need to make some updated copies! 

Besides the ease, the students just plain old enjoy Write the Room. It is such a fun activity students will not even realize they are reviewing as they gallop or jump around their classroom to the next word! 

Write the Room activities can bring enrichment, movement, and help build relationships inside your primary grade classroom. All of those will have lasting effects on your students. If you try any of these suggestions. Please come back and let me know how it went!

Here are some of my favorites Write the Rooms! Let me know which one you like

Subtraction 0-20 Write the Room

1st Hundred Fry Words Write the Room

Digraph write the room bundle


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