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Boost Your Little Learners’ Sight Word Skills with These Fun and Easy Fry 100 Word Activities!

Looking for a fun and low-prep way to help your little learners master their sight words? Look no further than Write the Room!

This interactive activity gets students up and moving, turning sight word practice into an exciting scavenger hunt. Instead of boring flashcards, your students will love searching the room for hidden sight word cards and recording them on their answer sheets. Plus, with numbered cards for easy tracking, you can easily integrate some number practice into the activity as well. Whether you pair your students up or set up a station activity, Write the Room is sure to engage and motivate your students to build their sight word skills.

Get your students out of their seats!

Write the Room is an interactive way for students to practice and memorize their sight words while having an opportunity to get out of their seats and move around the classroom. Prep is simple, but your students are sure to have a blast looking for words hidden around the room.

Go on a word scavenger hunt!

Instead of repetitive sight word flashcard practice, your students will go on a scavenger hunt around the room looking for sight words. Once they find a word card, they will read the word and then write the sight word on their answer sheet. Each card is numbered so students will record the word on the corresponding space on the sheet. This is a great way to sneak in some number practice too. 

One option is to pair your students so that they can work together to read the word and record the answer on their sheet. As your students become more familiar with the words, you can always set this up as a station activity to be completed independently.

Extension practice for early finishers included!

I don’t know about you, but the words, “I’m done! What’s next?” when you’re in the middle of a small group activity, is the last thing you want to hear. I’ve designed this Write the Room activity with early finishers in mind. Once students have walked around the room and recorded all of the sight words on their sheet, there is an extension practice included. This is perfect for those fast finishers! The extension practice includes filling in the missing letter of a sight word, or a color-by-word activity.

What is the Fry Word List?

I’ve created a Write the Room activity that covers the first 100 words on the Fry Word List (product link). If you are new to the Fry word list, it was created by Dr. Edward Fry to include the most commonly used words that appear in reading materials in elementary and middle school texts. There are 1,000 words total on the list, so a focus on the first 100 words in kindergarten and first grade is crucial to reading fluency. If you are familiar with the Dolch sight word list, the Fry list has some similarities but is considered a more modern word list.

Stay organized with progressive word sets!

To keep things organized, I’ve broken the first 100 sight words into 10 different sets. Each set has a matching picture on the cards and answer key so that you can easily keep things in order. I like to place my cards and a copy of the answer sheet in a manila envelope. I label and store this away so that I can quickly grab the next set I need. The sight word sets are designed in a way that makes learning accessible as students progress through the first 100 Fry sight words.

It is critical that our students are able to decode and read high-frequency words without hesitation. This Write the Room practice will help your students become better readers while engaging in an interactive and fun activity.

 Here’s what teachers are saying:

“I love using write the room to engage my students. I love how it gets them up and walking around. They enjoy finding the words and working together to read them” – M.L.

Check out all of the word sets and details here: 1st Hundred Fry Sight Words Write the Room (link)

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