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How to Use Write the Room Activities with Little Learners

Get your students up and out of their seats with engaging Write the Room activities! If you are teaching Pre-k, Kindergarten, or 1st grade this low prep interactive activity is a perfect addition to your weekly review or skills practice. Your little learners are going to love it!

What is Write the Room?

Turn number or letter practice into a scavenger hunt! Place the number or letter cards in various locations throughout the classroom. Tape them to the wall, place them on top of a low bookshelf, or underneath a table.

Send your students out with their recording sheet and a clipboard and pencil to search for the cards. For example, with the Write the Room Counting 1-10 activity,  your students will count the frogs on the lily pad and record the total on their worksheet. Then your students will search the room for another lily pad and repeat until they have filled their recording sheet.

Helpful Set Up Tips:

I prefer to print the number cards and laminate them. With lots of little hands touching and counting the cards, laminating is a great option for durability.

Since I like to place the cards on the walls and classroom furniture, I prefer to use blue painters tape on the back. This will keep your school maintenance happy. 😊 If the cards are laminated, it’s easy to stick the blue tape on the back of the card when the activity is over and then just use it again.

Clipboards are a great option so that your students can easily record their work. If you looking for an option to save on printing and paper, you can always laminate a set of recording sheets and provide visa-vis pens for your students to practice. Then just erase when the activity time is up. This is a great option if you plan to use this as a center activity for an entire week.

I usually set up this activity when students are busy working independently or while they are at recess so that they don’t see where the cards are placed.

Some Variation Ideas:

When I first introduce Write the Room activities, I like to place the cards in more obvious locations.  Once my students get the hang of the activity, I will switch it up and place the cards in more obscure locations to keep students on their toes.

I have also found that my students get very excited and will want to share the card locations with their friends. Before starting this activity, I always tell my students that once they locate a card, it is their job to keep it a secret.

sightword cards for write the room

Activity Benefits:

I love using Write the Room activities, because it’s not only engaging for my little learners, but it stimulates the brain with a form of play. Students are on a scavenger hunt while also reviewing skills and building fine motor skills too. I also love that this is an independent activity, but you could also pair students up as well.

What Educators are Saying about Write the Room Activities:

“My students loved getting up and searching for these cute word cards around the room. They found it very engaging and didn’t mind doing the rest of the worksheet. – D.S

“Perfect for review of sight words. My students always love a write the room activity that gets them up and moving. I love the extra practice and ease of putting the activity into purposeful learning.” – H.F.

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